The Meta Secret

The Laws of Attraction

The Meta Secret Movie


The Meta Secret is The Next Level in learning about the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws. That door was opened by the movie The Secret many years ago.

Let’s pretend that The Secret is like a waiting room of sorts. In the back of this waiting room is a huge door, that says The Meta Secret. Yes, behind the huge door in The Secret room is all the potential and power of the Law of Attraction that includes all of the 7 laws, not just one.

The Law of Attraction was brought to everyone’s attention by The Secret, but it’s not as easy as putting something on a wall and saying, “Okay, because of this picture or phrase, or because of this visualization technique, every time I use the technique from The Secret what I want will come to me.”

There are steps you must take on the path, and the Meta Secret (meaning beyond The Secret) provides those steps that you must to take to achieve those desires.

Again, consider that waiting room. There, many years ago, people were given only a primary understanding of the Hermetic Law of Attraction from The Secret which, in its great simplicity states – Like attracts Like.

The world opened its heart to receive this ancient hidden concept, but people were not really trained in how it worked. And then the recession of 2007 hit. And people forgot the law, and the world has gone to hell and can’t even afford the hen basket.

Compare the waiting room of The Secret where the Law of Attraction primer is taking place, to be like a training camp for going skiing in high snow country. You arrive at the lodge, they take you to a room, and they give you a video to watch. You get your snow skis, poles, gloves and goggles. But now what?

You watched the video and saw someone doing something, but you have not experienced skiing yet, and you won’t until you pass through the door that leads to the mountain and the slopes and meet your teacher.

The Meta Secret is that door that leads to the mountain of wisdom, love, happiness, enlightenment, action and manifesting your greatest potential in this life, and Dr. Mel Gill is your teacher. He has many secrets for you from the Emerald Tablet.

Mel knew there was something beyond The Secret. Mel had been researching these laws all his life, and he discovered that there’s not just one law. There are in all, seven laws, and the Meta Secret is all about the other six and how they play a part in your life. For years people have been waiting for the answers that are in the Meta Secret.

Mostly people have assumed that they could get literally everything they wanted, in the delivery schedule that they wanted it in and in the way that they wanted it just with an affirmation or two.

Now, with the Meta Secret they are discovering that not every-thing is going to happen the way they expect. It might occur in a different form or fashion, better suited to their needs.

These secrets have been highly guarded and even today there are forces trying to stop the Meta Secret from being available. But it is at for those who wish to watch, listen, and learn.

Dr Mel Gill’s mission to bring these ancient laws back into the light where they have been hidden for thousands of years, in order to help humanity get to The Next Level, where is Anything is Possible.